Halloween at Sunderland Care and Support
  • November 10, 2020

Halloween at Sunderland Care and Support

Customers at Sunderland Care and Support have been enjoying Halloween this year by getting dressed up, throwing parties and having a good spooky time! Check out how some of our services enjoyed themselves…

Halloween at Thornhill Gardens

Customers at Thornhill Gardens enjoyed Halloween with a party, involving creating their own outfits, food preparations and hanging up decorations. Rose along with her staff Sandra Lows, Helen Angus and Laura Krager had a spooktacula time during the Halloween party but before enjoying pass the pumpkin and scary karaoke, Rose made her terrifying treats, for everyone to enjoy!


Halloween at Serlby Close

Customers at Serlby Close enjoyed getting involved with Halloween this year before their party on the 31st of October. This involved creating their own outfits, decorating pumpkins, food preparations, colouring in posters and hanging up the decorations.


Pumpkin decorating seemed to be a particularly favourite of the customers at Serlby close, scooping out the insides and drawing on the outlines. Staff supported to carve out the outlines before the customers decorated them to their own taste.

The customers really enjoyed getting into the Halloween spirit and wearing their outfits as well as decorating the house.

An excellent party atmosphere here at Serlby close with lots of food, games and music. All customers seemed to really enjoy the Halloween theme party and really embraced getting involved in the preparations.