Supported Living

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The aim of Supported Living Services is to take a holistic approach to supporting adults with a learning disability, mental health need or physical disability to achieve and maintain community living independently within their own home or tenancy.

Working in partnership with registered social landlords and health professionals, Sunderland Care and Support have been able to design and provide a wide variety of supported living options across the City which meet the customer requirements.

Sunderland Care and Support are committed to working with each individual customer enabling individuals to access accommodation which is a genuine alternative to traditional residential care. Supported Living Services offer a wide range of support which is innovative, creative and personalised around their own identified needs.

Sunderland Care and Support offer a highly motivated, keen and dedicated team of support workers who via the designed individualised care pathway, assist customers with their day-to-day living promoting self-reliance, independence and personal wellbeing inspiring each person to reach their full potential and live their life in line with their own personal choices.

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