Telecare Case Study: Overall Home Support with Response

Using Telecare equipment paired with our response service, Pamela who has mobility issues, says this has given her the support and flexibility to remain independent in home. Find out how this was achieved here:

Pamela is 64 years old and lives with mobility, regardless she was keen to stay independent in her home with some assistance from care staff. She was referred to our team as she wanted a way to allow the care staff to easily access her home, as she had difficulty answering the door and a way to alert for extra support if she has any issues at home. Our recommendation was to have Telecare installed in her home, along with the response service as a back-up. This was done using a base unit, pendant (which she could use to alert response if she needed assistance) and a key safe so that her carers could get into her home without the need for her to get up to answer the door.

After having this in her home for 2 months, she has stated that the Telecare service was ‘a lifeline for her’ and has given her the support and flexibility to stay at her home for as long as she wants to.

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