Case Study: Home Monitoring with Response

Jacob has been supporting his mother Angela to prevent her wandering late at night, but since he’s changed jobs, he has not been able to support her in the same way. But with both Telecare equipment and our response service, Angela has been given the support she needs whilst Jacob can continue his job with peace of mind that his mother’s needs can be communicated. Find out how this was done here:

Angela has various mental health issues and lives independently at her home. She is supported by her son Jacob, who had expressed concerns that his mother has been frequently wandering late at night. He did have time in the past to call her to check that she was home, but he had recently changed job to work during the night hours, so he was unable to support his mother in the same way. After receiving this referral, we recommended that they have Telecare fitted in their home (an exit sensor linked to a base unit) along with our response service.  This equipment would detect that the door was open and was configured to send an alert to the dedicated response staff to respond so they could respond accordingly and ensure Angela’s safety.

After having this set up for both Angela and Jacob, they have both expressed that this has given them peace of mind and Angela can continue to live independently.

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