Assistive Technology Case Study: Echo Dot for Contact

Eric lives alone and is blind, he’s suffered from falls and has difficulty using a phone when he needs to get help. But with prescribed Assistive Technology, he was able to alert someone just with his voice. Find out how this was possible here:

Eric lives alone and is blind, but he is supported by his son, Simon who lives next door. He recently had a fall and couldn’t summon help, as he has difficulty answering a phone. This meant that he was on the floor for several hours after he fell from his chair. Eric’s son got in touch with Sunderland Care and Support and our specialist team recommended an Amazon Echo Dot, which was installed in Eric’s home. The team helped Eric to learn how to use it so that he could call for help if he fell again. Eric found using the device much easier than trying to use a phone, and so he also began using it to keep in touch with his family.

Eric fell again some weeks later, but this time he was able to shout, “Alexa phone Simon”. When Simon received the call Eric was able to summon his help straight away. Simon said that the intervention of assistive technology was “a lifesaver for him and his father”.

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