Infection Control Update
  • July 20, 2020

Infection Control Update

SUNDERLAND CARE AND SUPPORT issued a revised COVID-19 Infection Control policy (version 5) on 26th June 2020. 

This is a summary of the guidance and all SCAS staff should ensure they read the full guidance.

The key changes are:


– Addition: Face masks should be worn when performing a task which requires you to be within 2 metres of a colleague because space limitations prevent social distancing, for example when there is no suitable alternative to using shared office space.

– Addition: Arrangements for the sharing of bedding now include provision of waterproof covers, storing bedding for 72 hours before re-use and the use of own bedding where preferred.

Please ensure all colleagues have access to this policy and destroy any previous copies. For senior colleague access – the current version of this policy is always stored within the SCAS policies and procedures drive.

To view online please visit the COVID-19 Advice page.